Johnson is Leaving

“Johnson Is Leaving”.  

A 12-minute DVD starring Bruce Purchase as Dr. Samuel Johnson.

 ‘Sam’ reviews the crucial events of his life: the Dictionary, his father, his mother’s letters, royalty, Boswell, women…

 Written by John Wain especially for the late British actor, Bruce Purchase, this special performance contains selected extracts from the one-hour monologue with which Bruce toured the world until his death 2008.

 “Johnson is Leaving” is a classic and acclaimed portrait of Dr. Johnson - the  eccentric son of a bookseller in Lichfield who takes over the English literary world in the 18th century, changing the English language for ever.  Bruce reveals the personality behind the fame, the humour, the glee and the frequently ferocious anger. 


The DVD is available from Mostly Movies at a modest price!  

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