Edmund's England

"Edmund in Dudley" - a short 15 minute film to introduce a new presenter and an idea for a long-running series of films.

"If you stick a pin anywhere in a map of England, you will find a supply of amazing and unlikely stories – about buildings, about history, about people.”

Edmund Bealby-Wright jabs his pin in Dudley - Queen of the Black Country - and finds a church made of iron, a 3 million year-old coral reef, penguins in a castle, a 'load of holes' and an Earl obsessed with fountains - not to mention a namesake who had his head chopped off - or did he? Why isn’t Dudley one of the wealthiest towns in England?  Who nicked all the money? 

Next: What is the connection between Jane Austin, Liz Hurley and Ruth Ellis (the last person in England to be hanged)? The answer is ….. Basingstoke.

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