Suzanne Campbell-Jones, Ph.D, FRAI, FRGS trained as an anthropologist (Ph.D from LSE) but saw her colleagues valuable work being buried in archives and obscure journals.  So she switched careers into making films. She spent 8 years in the BBC and more than 20 years as a freelance producing, directing and writing award winning documentaries and dramaShe has filmed in Africa, India, Latin America, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, China , the Ukraine and many parts of the USA and Europe. Her films have been shown on Channel 4, ITV, PBS in the USA, TV Asahi Japan and other TV stations in 75 countries around the world.


Simon Campbell-Jones, trained as film director in industrial films.  He won a Gold medal in Venice for “Trawler Captain”, a documentary on a North Atlantic fishing. He moved to television making science documentaries for the BBC in London and WGBH in Boston.  He made the ground-breaking “First Signs of Washoe” about chimpanzee language and “Whales, Dolphins and Men” which alerted the world to the issues of whaling. He was the originating producer on the NOVA series for PBS in the USA. While Editor of the HORIZON series for the BBC, he was responsible for around 150 programmes on global science topics.  He was Executive Producer on a 13-part series on global history and a 5-part series on global environmental movements. He has continued making films, and editing books, all over the world including Cameroon, Papua New Guinea and China. Various awards include two nominations from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

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